Baila Goldenthal : Collages : Desert Walls

Desert Walls – a direct result of a trip through the Southwest desert areas of Arizona and New Mexico. The pieces are worked with tile, brick, straw and plaster, and metal or glass, sometimes adding photographs of walls or doors from pueblos and old mining towns. These photos are references to time and space and embody the contemporary expression of trompe-l'oeil.

Desert Wall #3, 1985
brick, tile, cement and photograph on wood, 30" x 18"

Desert Wall #5, 1986
mixed media, photograph on wood, 39" x 29"

Desert Wall #8, 1986
mixed media collage on wood, 18" x 43"

Desert Wall #6, 1986
wood, brick, tile, cement and leaded glass on wood, 40" x 30"

artwork ©Baila Goldenthal all rights reserved