Baila Goldenthal : Collages : Walls of Prophecy

Walls of Prophecy (1983) were inspired by biblical texts. The surface folds of fabric are hardened and painted with glazes. The tearing, peeling, layered effect evokes the passage of historical time and resolves into an almost totally symbolic use of space. These works, deal with the ambiguity of 'time' and the interchangeability of 'inner' (psychological) and 'outer' (physical) space.

#2, Ariga (Cloth of the Torah), 1982
acrylic on canvas/mixed media collage, 44" x 61-1/2" x 7"

#6, Sephiroth (What is Up is Down, What is Inside is Out, All are Related), 1982
mixed media collage, 122" x 80" x 8"

larger view

#5, Shabbat (Birth through Death), 1982
acrylic, fabric, wood and canvas, 54" x 55" x 5"

#3, Zohar (Book of Light), 1982
mixed media collage, 77" x 66" x 6"

artwork ┬ęBaila Goldenthal all rights reserved