Baila Goldenthal : Folding Screens

By coming down off the wall and standing alone, the painting itself becomes the concept. It becomes an independent unit acted upon by the downward force of gravity and the upward thrust of the earth and owes its upward stance to the infinite movement towards unification, wholeness, completion. By unifying the surface of a wall panel with the surfaces of a folding screen, the opposing illusions of transparency and reflection give way again to a sense of completion.

Another screen, further incorporates the dimension of light, a living element, and its illusory effects through the use of glass: clear, opaque and colored. The ability of any folding screen to act in conjunction with itself, yet fold back against itself; open to reveal its’ ‘self’, in contradiction to hiding; and even deny its very purpose by boasting windows for us to see through its ‘self’, can evoke in us a sense of completion through a compassionate recognition of its human foibles.

Places of Reflection (Walls of Transparency), 1988
folding screen and wall panels, acrylic on canvas
fully extended view: 96" x 186"

wall panel: 93" x 96"
folding screen (back) 85" x 90"
folding screen (front)
folding screen (back) arbitrarily placed against wall panel

Cosmic Egg, 1977
acrylic on Philippine mahogany
five panels, extended view: 66" x 110"

Cosmic Egg
panels 1, 3 & 5

Cosmic Egg
panels 1, 2 & 5

Cosmic Egg
panels 1 & 5

Blue Star Allegory (front view), 1978
acrylic, gold leaf, leaded glass and Philippine mahogany
four panels, extended view: 68" x 68"

Blue Star Allegory
panels 1, 2 & 4

Blue Star Allegory
panels 1 & 4

Blue Star Allegory (back view)

Ascension, Descension - Infinite Completion
four panel screen; front panel folded over to reveal back panels 3 & 4

Ascension, Descension - Infinite Completion, 1976
acrylic on canvas, 68" x 80"

top photo: front; bottom photo: back

artwork ©Baila Goldenthal all rights reserved