Baila Goldenthal : Paintings : Weavers

Weavers Series (1989-1994) Here, the artist uses the 'old Master' technique of oil glazing over tempera on wood panels. the Gothic and Romanesque shapes of some of the panels, the use of shallow space, the stylization of the figures, are references to art history. All contribute to a wedding of technique and concept as they combine with the enigmatic figures and the metaphorical use of the weaver's loom. As that series developed, the hands became more and more important, and seemed to demand a separate, and more direct exploitation of the original concept. Thus evolved the series that became Cat's Cradle.

Weavers #18, 1994
oil on wood panel, 25" x 12-1/2"

Weavers #9, 1991
oil on wood panel, 29" x 24"

Weavers #15, 1993
oil on wood panel, 11-3/4" x 11-3/4"

Weavers #11, 1992
oil on wood panel, 31" x 24"

Goldenthal's experience with the craft of weaving inspired the paintings in the “Weavers” series.

Waterfall, 1988, woven tapestry
cotton, wool, mixed fabrics and wood, 88" x 32"

artwork ©Baila Goldenthal all rights reserved